denise lacarra / pintura-pintura

Full of expression, gesture, color and light, Denise Lacarra’s paintings invite
us to immerse in their devenir, the process by which, over time, things and
beings are created or transformed, defined by M. Larrauri as that what
happens between an artist and her creation.

Involuntarily, Lacarra makes us fall in love with the unknown and witness
that intimate moment in the creation of each piece. Each painting stands
alone; is independent but dependent on time, place and emotion. Spectators,
interpreting from their own context, and different meanings and stories that
come together in a personal landscape of feelings, shapes and colors. These
are the elements that allow for such a conceptual transit, from one of
textures to one of emotions.

Lacarra paints so that life’s events materialize and endure. To paint is to bear
witness to life. She creates and transforms, because painting is always about