denise lacarra / pintura-pintura

“My art is compelled by an intuitive journey of a continuous self discovery through the lyrical abstraction of mindfulness”

At first, the infinite space of the canvas overwhelms me, but once my first mark is laid, my encounter begins. Movement becomes an essential factor, allowing shapes to emerge and color to take its rightful place.

The juxtaposition of elements, the detection of intrinsical lines and its composition balance out the organic and structural drawing always present in my work.

In most cases, a repetitive process takes place, over-painting, scraping and reworking areas to uncover the scars within, permitting me to see the unseen and understand through unquestionable subtleties the evolving stages of the piece.

At this point I welcome the chaos, the frustration and madness. And after a long conscious struggle, if I’m lucky, the silence is broken and my cry is released as art creating visual order.

This is what I want to convey, an intense emotion of release and my utter urgency to be a part of it.